Corel Photo-Paint 2018 Free Download Trial Version for Windows 7/10

Corel Photo-Paint is a professional photo editing tool which enhances your images and photos. This image editing software offers a wide range of tools to enhance your images and produce the best outputs. Corel Photo-Paint is one of the best photos editing software for Windows computers or Windows laptop or other devices. You can download the trial version for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and, 10. This best multimedia software is compatible with both 32-Bit and 64-Bit architecture.

What’s new in Corel Photo-Paint 2018?       

The latest version of Corel Photo-Paint enables you to save images in GIF, PNG or JPEG formats and export them directly to the WordPress media library. Straighten or adjust tilts in images with this photo editing software. Download Corel Aftershot 3 HDR completely free from Corel Photo-Paint to enhance the toning of your images. Adjust the perspectives easily with the help of the perspective correction tool in this image editor.  Draw a rectangle with the cursor and select four corner points to change the perspective view of the image. Edit and render large files quickly and efficiently with the curve preview, preview, nodes, effect controls, sliders, text and handle tools. This photo editing software also has a wide variety of image fills and transparencies.

Corel Paint-Photo Free Download for Windows Features:

  • General and Set Up:

Corel Photo-Paint works more efficiently with multi-monitor and 4K display. You can also use the stylus and do real-time drawings on this professional image editor. Modify the guidelines according to your convenience by changing the line color and style. You can also reposition the objects, change their sizes and move them while editing your images.

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  • Adjustments:

Use the adjustment feature to apply color corrections and tones to your images. You can also adjust the tone curve with the help of Corel Photo-Paint’s tone adjustment tool. Use the eyedropper to tone curve specific points of your image.

  • Brushes:

Select the best brush to give a perfect brush stroke on your image from the wide range of brush options. You can also use the recently used brushes as this tool saves the last five brushes. Take help of various tools such as effect, image sprayer, paint, touch-up effect, replace color and other tools to paint and adjust the transparency of the images. Also, check out PhotoPad Image Editor for Windows.

  • Tools:

Enhance your images with the available basic tools such as eraser, paint, touch-up and more. Use stylus tilt, bearing, pressure and rotation to create strokes of your liking on the images. Improve images by removing blemishes, imperfections with the help of healing clone tool.

  • Colors and Effects:

You can create a separate color palette for each photo project and access them easily later. Improvise your photos by adding various effects to them. Furthermore, apply different camera lens effects to your photos and adjust their saturation, contrast and brightness levels.

Corel Photo-Paint Images, Corel Photo-Paint screenshots, Corel Photo-Paint photos, Corel Photo-Paint logo

  • Use the export for web dialog box to compare photo results before saving them.
  • The operations docker tool saves and stores all the recently used functions so that it will be easy for you to access them for later projects.
  • You can easily remove all the distortions in your images with the help of this photo editing software.
  • Adjust transparencies of a group of images with the clip mask options without changing their pixel clarity.
  • More features such as liquid tools, transparency options, prep & sketch docker, and Gaussian blur lens are also available in Corel Photo-Paint.

Corel Paint-Photo 2018 System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (both 32-Bit and 64-Bit)
  • Disk Space: 1.5 GB
  • RAM: 2 GB minimum
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz

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